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With the current invitation for public consultation, ThPA S.A. submits its proposal for the limitation of the number of providers of the service of reception facilities for waste and cargo residues of the ships that call to the port of Thessaloniki, with the purpose of conducting a public discussion with interested stakeholders (natural – legal persons) and receiving potential documented remarks – comments – opinions of the contents thereof, through emails.

The present invitation shall remain uploaded to the website of ThPA S.A. ( for three months, i.e. until 1/11/2021, Monday, at 11.00 a.m.

Please find attached the invitation and the respective study.

Invitation [pdf]

Study [pdf]

TED 063/2021 - Call for tenders for the supply of one (1) telescopic electromagnet [pdf]

ANNEX 1: Technical Bid [pdf]
ANNEX 2: Economical Bid [pdf]

Instructions for compressing password files [pdf]



TED 069/2021 - Request for quotation for the supply of two (2) electro-hydraulic twin-lift spreaders for the STS cranes of ThPA S.A [pdf]

1. Technical Specifications Compliance [pdf]
2. Consumables [pdf]
3. Spare parts [pdf]
4. Price schedule [pdf]

Instructions for compressing password files [pdf]



TED 068/2021 - Call for tenders for the supply of braking systems for the power-operated cranes 41 & 42 of THPA SA [pdf]

Instructions for compressing password files [pdf]

Publication of informational circular of the mandatory tender offer of BELTERRA INVESTMENTS to the shareholders of ThPA [pdf]

Approval and publication of the information circular and commencement of the acceptance period for the mandatory public tender offer by the company “BELTERRA INVESTMENTS LTD” to the shareholders of the company “THESSALONIKI PORT AUTHORITY S.A.” for the acquisition of all common nominal shares for an offered price of € 26.50 in cash per share [pdf]