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Thessaloniki Port Authority SA announces that the Consortium of «HUTCHISON PORT HOLDINGS LIMITED, HUTCHISON PORT INVESTMENTS SARL, ALAPIS ABEE, LYD AE» has notified ThPA SA that it withdraws its interest from the concession of Thessaloniki’s Port Container Terminal.
The two sides were in the stage of drafting the relevant contract after the International Public Tender in which the consortium was proclaimed “Provisional Highest Bidder”.

Η ΟΛΘ ΑΕ συμμετείχε στο 3ο ετήσιο road show που διοργανώθηκε από το Χρηματιστήριο Αθηνών στο Λονδίνο στις 2 και 3 Οκτωβρίου με τη συμμετοχή 35 ελληνικών επιχειρήσεων της μεγάλης κεφαλαιοποίησης.

Εκ μέρους της εταιρίας συμμετείχαν ο πρόεδρος του Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου κ. Λ. Καναβούρας, ο Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος, Δρ. Ι. Τσάρας και ο Προϊστάμενος του Τμήματος Μάρκετινγκ και Πωλήσεων, κ. Μ. Αρβανιτίδης.

Οι εκπρόσωποι της ΟΛΘ ΑΕ είχαν προσωπικές συναντήσεις με στελέχη οκτώ (8) επενδυτικών κεφαλαίων, μακροπρόθεσμου ορίζοντα, στους οποίους επιβεβαιώθηκε ότι η σχετική συμφωνία για την παραχώρηση του container terminal με την κοινοπραξία εταιριών   «HUTCHISON PORT HOLDINGS LIMITED, HUTCHISON PORT INVESTMENTS SARL,  ALAPIS ΑΕ, ΛΥΔ ΑΕ», θα ολοκληρωθεί  το αργότερο έως το τέλος του έτους, καθώς οι διαπραγματεύσεις συνεχίζονται με ταχείς ρυθμούς και σε πολύ καλό κλίμα.

Εκτέθηκαν επίσης οι ιδιαίτερα ευοίωνες προοπτικές για τη διακίνηση του συμβατικού φορτίου, μέσω του λιμένος της Θεσσαλονίκης.

Αναγνωρίζοντας την υφιστάμενη θέση και τις προοπτικές της εταιρίας, επεδείχθη ιδιαίτερο επενδυτικό ενδιαφέρον από τα στελέχη των επενδυτικών κεφαλαίων για την είσοδό τους στη μετοχική σύνθεση της εταιρίας. 

ThPA SA announces that today Tuesday 26th August 2008, the Company’s Board of Directors at a scheduled meeting decided:

  • The approval of Record No 4 of the Evaluation Committee regarding the concession of the THPA SA Container Terminal.

Today, Wednesday 30th July 2008, the Board of Directors of Thessaloniki Port Authority SA, at a scheduled meeting decided:

  • The approval of the Record No. 3 of the Evaluation Committee concerning the International Open Call for Tenders for the Concession of the Container Terminal of Th.P.A. SA (Procurement Pr. F. 125/2008).
  • The proclamation of consortium «HUTCHISON PORT HOLDINGS LIMITED, HUTCHISON PORT INVESTMENTS SARL, ALAPIS ΑΒΕΕ, ΛΥΔ ΑΕ» as the provisional highest bidder, according to the classification table of the above Record.

The consortium «HUTCHISON PORT HOLDINGS LIMITED, HUTCHISON PORT INVESTMENTS SARL,  ALAPIS ΑΒΕΕ, ΛΥΔ ΑΕ» will be asked to submit the additional documents (as specified in paragraph 165 of the Call for Tenders), in order to be appointed as the provisional concessionaire and for the negotiation for the Concession Agreement to be initiated. 

Today, on Tuesday 22nd July 2008, in the presence of the representatives of the Participating Companies, the Evaluation Committee has proceeded to the opening of the dossiers of the technical offer and the financial offer, as per submission protocol number, of the Tender for the concession of Pier 6 of Th.P.A. SA Container Terminal.
From the opening of the financial offers the following amounts, according to the attached table , have resulted. 
The Evaluation Committee will draft the minutes of the proceeding, which will be submitted to the Board of Directors of Thessaloniki Port Authority SA in order to declare the provisional highest bidder and for the tender to enter its final stage, according to the Procurement. 

Thpa s.a. hereby announces, in accordance with Article 279 of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange, that according to the resolution of its shareholders Ordinary General Meeting of June 30, 2008, the dividend for the financial year 2007 amounts to 0.46 euros per share.


Beneficiaries of the above dividend are the company's shareholders upon the July 17, 2008 close of business at the Athens Stock Exchange. The ex-dividend date was set for Friday July 18, 2008. Consequently, as from that date, the company's shares will be negotiated at the Athens Stock Exchange with no right to dividend for 2007. The payment of dividends will be carried out as from July 28, 2008 by the contracting Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias, as follows:


1. Through the operators of the Dematerialised Securities System, in accordance with articles 329 of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange and 39 of the CSD Regulation.


2. Through the branch network of Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias, for the shareholders who have requested exception from their DSS operator.


3. For those of the shareholders who, for various reasons, cannot be credited through their operators, dividend payment can be received in person or through their legal representatives from Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias throughout its branch network upon presenting their official identity card authenticated by a State Authority and stating the printout of their DSS investment profile code number. 


Dividends not claimed within five (5) years, lapse in favour of the Greek State.


For more information, shareholders are kindly requested to contact the Companys Shareholders Department (+30 2310593134, +30 2310593128).