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Thessaloniki Port Authority sa announces the financial calendar for the year 2008:


The financial statements of Thpa sa, for the corporate use 2007, will be published on March 31, 2008.

  • Presentation of the company's financial results to analysts on May 23, 2008, at the Company's Board of Directors conference room at the Pier 1.
  • Convene the Shareholders General Annual Meeting on June 15, 2008. 
  • Trade the share ex-dividend on July 18, 2008. Entitled to the dividend are company shareholders at the close of the stock exchange on July 17/7/2008.
  • Commence payment of the annual dividend for the year 2007, on July 28, 2008. Dividend payment will be carried out through credit institution. The company will issue a newer announcement on the dividend payment procedure.

Thessaloniki Port Authority (Th.P.A.) tariffs and service charges

Thessaloniki Port Authority SA announces the declaration of an international public procurement, with open process and the highest financial offer as award criterion, for the selection of a contractor for the concession of the Container Terminal, on Pier 6 of the Port of Thessaloniki, in exchange for, on the one hand, a self-financed investment (with the purpose of further developing and expanding the existing port infrastructure) and, on the other hand, financial returns for THPA SA. The opening of the tenders will take place on Thursday, March 20th, 2008, at 10am, at the offices of THPA SA (Administration Building, 2nd floor, Board of Directors Meeting Room, Pier 1, in the Port). The corresponding DECLARATION (Pr. No. 125/2008) was sent to the Official Journal of the European Union on 19/01/2008. The tender is conducted according to the terms of the Procurement (Pr. No. 125/2008), a copy of which is given by the Procurement Department of Th. P.A. SA (Head of the Department, Mr. Ch. Gagavouzis, tel.: 0030-2310593230) during office hours, from Monday 28/01/2008.

The Board of Directors of the company Thessaloniki Port Authority SA, in today’s (15/01) meeting, has unanimously approved the terms of the international public procurement, for the concession of the THPA SA Container Terminal to a private provider of port services, in exchange for, on the one hand, a self-financed – by the private contractor – investment (with the purpose of further developing and expanding the existing port infrastructure and superstructure) and, on the other hand, financial consideration for THPA SA with the award criterion being the highest financial offer.

The Declared Policy of the Port Facility of Thessaloniki Port Authority SA consists of ensuring a securefe working environment by means of the uptaking and the implementation of measures actively averting illegal actions against the people, the vessels, the vehicles, the building facilities, the merchandises, the loading and unloading equipment and the supplies of the vessels within its property limits.

The objectives of the Administration of ThPA S.A. are:

  • The compliance with the security regulations foreseen by the National and International Legislation and the European Union.
  • The implementation of measures for the limitation of the risks eventually threatening the passengers, the crews, the employees and the merchandises, for as long as they remain within the port area.
  • The cooperation with the Coast Guard and the security authorities in general, as well as with all the local authorities.
  • The increase of the personnel’s vigilance and knowledge on safety issues.
  • The drawing up of emergency plans for the confrontation of unpredicted events, jeopardizing the safety of people and vessels.

Those objectives are met with: 

  • The drawing up of the Security Assessment and the Security Plan approved by the Ministry of Merchantile Marine.
  • The constant training of the personnel.
  • The updating and improvement of the Security Plan, by means of regular internal controls and constant evaluations.
  • The support of the Security Officer, for the fulfillment of his/her duties and competencies. 

All the employees shall participate in this effort and know the relevant security duties and the required measures for the protection of the port facility against all illegal actions.

We kindly ask the passengers, the people with transaction activities, and generally the public, to show understanding and to observe and follow the instructions and the orders of the port facility’s security personnel.
The Administration highlights the fact that:

Our top priority is always and above all to safeguard and protect human life.

 This Policy is reviewed whenever necessary, in order to ensure the achievement of its goals and the correctness and effectiveness of the defined procedures and instructions.