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OLTH S.A. announces that, on the 1-3-2007, the 10th Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders was held, attended by three (3) shareholders, representing 7,527,499 shares out of a total of 10,080,000 shares, the relevant percentage being 74.67756945%, and that the following decisions were made, all upon a quorum rate of74.67756945%:

  • Election of Mr. Efstratios Makios, son of Thrasyvoulos, as member of the Company’s Board of Directors, in replacement of the late Mr. Dimitrios Pallis.
  • Increase of the Share Capital of OLTH S.A. by capitalization of the 2000 fiscalyear A’ dividend A’ by €1,063,536.00, as well as of a part of the special non taxable reserve of L.2881/2001, by €1,960,464.00, so that it amounts to €33,264,000.00. The above increase shall create 1,008,000 shares, of nominal value €3.0 each. The new shares shall be 1/10 distributed, free-of-charge, to the shareholders, on the third workday after the date of approval of the shares’ listing, and shall have a dividend right in the profits of the fiscal year 2007. At the same time, article 5 of the Articles of Association “Share Capital – Shareholders” was amended as regards the above increase of the share capital. The BoD was authorized to handle the matters that may arise due to fractional share balances.
  • Modification of the remuneration of the Chairman of the BoD/ OLTH S.A., which was approved by the Ordinary General Meeting of the 15/6/2006, so that, instead of attendance expenses the Chairman of the BoD be paid a remuneration of €5,000, gross, fourteen (14) times per year, starting from the date of his/her election (15-6-2006).
There were no announcements during the Extraordinary General Meeting.

THPA sa announces, that Mrs. Efstratia Triantafillidou was appointed as Director of the Administration Division with the decision 3534/30/10/2007 of the Company’s Board of Directors.     

ThPA SA announces that, on the 2nd of August 2007, day Thursday, "ThPA SA" signed a Schedule Agreement for the Development of the Hall of Justice with the "FUND FOR THE FINANCING OF JUDICIAL BUILDINGS" and "THEMIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SA".


The Schedule Agreement concerns the erection of a building extending on a surface of approximately 7,500 sq.m., with 3,000 sq.m. of underground areas (E/M, Filing Cabinets, Parking Lots), to host the Magistrate's Court and the Police Court of Thessaloniki, within the boundaries of the site owned by ThPA SA.  "THEMIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SA" shall elaborate the Technical Design of the building and see to the issuing of the joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) by the Minister of Environment, Planning and Public Works and the Minister of Justice.


The project shall be put to Tender and shall be Supervised by ThPA SA, in accordance with the provisions (L. 1418/84, PD 319, etc), and then the estate shall be leased by ThPA SA to the Ministry of Justice (FUND FOR THE FINANCING OF JUDICIAL BUILDINGS). The building's Operation and Maintenance cost shall burden the lease-holder (FUND FOR THE FINANCING OF JUDICIAL BUILDINGS).


The project shall be financed by ThPA SA. The total rent shall be decided upon based on the construction cost and the terrestrial zone usage cost (clear land).

ThPA sa informs that the increase of the company’s Share Capital, which has been decided by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 1.3.2007, hasn’t been yet approved by the Ministry of Development.


The company will issue a press release upon any further development on the subject.

ThPA SA announces that after the retirement from the company of Mrs. Efrosini Lytra, duties of surrogate head of the Administration Directorate are performed, since 18.07.2007, by Mrs. Efstratia Triantafillidou.

Thpa s.a. hereby announces, in accordance with Article 279 of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange, that according to the resolution of its shareholders Ordinary General Meeting of June 15, 2007, the dividend for the financial year 2006 amounts to 0.20 euros per share.


Beneficiaries of the above dividend are the company's shareholders upon the July 19, 2007 close of business at the Athens Stock Exchange. The ex-dividend date was set for Friday July 20, 2007. Consequently, as from that date, the company's shares will be negotiated at the Athens Stock Exchange with no right to dividend for 2006. The payment of dividends will be carried out as from July 30, 2007 by the contracting Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias, as follows:


1. Through the operators of the Dematerialised Securities System, in accordance with articles 329 of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange and 39 of the CSD Regulation.


2. Through the branch network of Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias, for the shareholders who have requested exception from their DSS operator.


3. For those of the shareholders who, for various reasons, cannot be credited through their operators, dividend payment can be received in person or through their legal representatives from Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias throughout its branch network upon presenting their official identity card authenticated by a State Authority and stating the printout of their DSS investment profile code number. 


Dividends not claimed within five (5) years, lapse in favour of the Greek State.


For more information, shareholders are kindly requested to contact the Companys Shareholders Department (+30 2310593134, +30 2310593128).