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THPA S.A. possesses substantial experience in participation in European Programs of multi-membered collaborations, in relation to research and the implementation of pilot applications in the departments of multimodal transports and logistics, as well as the research for development possibilities of multimodal transports in the area of Southeastern Europe, connected to the Trans-European Transportation Networks.

Currently, the following projects are being implemented:

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Funding scheme: Horizon 2020.

LOGIMATIC proposes an ad-hoc advanced location and navigation solution to enable the automation of existing port vehicles with a significantly lower cost which will allow short-medium term investments until the whole port fleet is renewed with totally autonomous vehicles in the long term. The project will develop and demonstrate an innovative location and navigation solution for the automation of the operations of straddle carriers in container terminals.


  • To develop an advanced automated navigation solution based on the integration of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and sensors onboard the SC vehicles.
  • To implement a GIS-based control module compatible with existing Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) for optimized global (yard level) route planning and fleet management.
  • To implement security mechanism in order to detect and avoid spoofing and/or jamming attacks.
  • To assess the impact of application of such automated approach at large scale through simulation.
  • To integrate, validate and demonstrate the proposed solution in a real port yard.



SUPAIR - Updated on May 15, 2018

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Thessaloniki Port Authority SA is one of the partners of the project “Sustainable Ports in the Adriatic-Ionian Region” (SUPAIR) cofinanced by the Adriatic-Ionian Programme INTERREG V-B Transnational 2014-2020.

Program priority: Connected Region

Program specific objective: Enhance capacity for integrated transport and mobility services and multimodality in the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Project objective  
Ports are core nodes for multimodal transport in the Adriatic-Ionian basin and strategic key drivers for economic growth: reducing negative environmental impacts is essential for a sustainable development of the area.
SUPAIR responds to this major challenge; it tackles reduction of emissions from shipping and on-shore port operations with an integrated approach, enhancing port authorities’ capacity to plan and implement low-carbon and multimodal transport and mobility solutions and further empowering the main political, technical, trade stakeholders and partners in related decision-making.

  • establishes a TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK of port authorities, technical organizations, relevant actors to jointly elaborate the project’s durable and transferable methodology;
  • develops operational ACTION PLANS complete with technical and feasibility studies in the 7 partner ports;
  • implements dedicated actions and produces a TRANSNATIONAL STRATEGY for port-based low-carbon transport systems to increase the network, disseminate, enhance and widen scope, methodology and results. 

The transnational development and implementation of methodology and actions insisting on a broad range of fields, with an innovative territory-based approach, involving port authorities, technical partners, stakeholders and institutional actors guarantee quality, durability and transferability. SUPAIR’s impacts are short-term and mid- to long-term plans implemented and financed, new actions undertaken following the established methodology by an enhanced and widened network of ports. Benefits for the involved territories embrace enhanced technical capacity for ports, increased empowerment of relevant local organizations and institutions, improved environmental quality and attractiveness, increased investments in low-carbon and environment-friendly port transport and mobility solutions.

Lead Partner: Area di ricerca scientifica e tecnologica di Trieste

Venice International University, Port Authorities of  Trieste and Venezia (Italy), namely: Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and North Adriatic Sea Port Authority; Centre for Research and Technologies of Hellas (CERTH), Piraeus Port Authority SA, Thessaloniki Port Authority SA(Greece); Logistics Port System of Capodistria, Luka Koper (Slovenia); Port Authority of Durres (Albania); Port Authority of Bar (Crna Gora_Montenegro).

Duration: 24 months from January 2018

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◊  ISTEN -


Funding scheme: Interreg - ADRION

The ISTEN – Integrated and Sustainable Transport in Efficient Network project, funded by the Interreg ADRION transnational cooperation programme 2014-2020, has as main objective the identification of actions and strategies able to contribute to the creation of an efficient network of integrated hubs between ports and hinterland in the ADRION (Adriatic-Ionian) Region.

The project aims at improving intermodal connections between sea ports in the Adriatic-Ionian area as well as between the ports themselves and their respective hinterlands, in particular by fostering rail connections to the TEN-T network corridors. This is achieved through cooperation strategies, aimed at promoting key actions on infrastructural and operational issues in the respective sites of the actors involved in the project. ISTEN aims at qualifying the Adriatic-Ionian ports as strategic nodes for the ADRION Region by including them in a transnational cooperation network and a joint action plan.

The Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria (UNIMED), with the DIIES Department – Laboratorio LOGICA, has been acting as the Lead Partner of the project, which involves other 9 organisations of the ADRION area (Fondazione Istituto sui Trasporti e la Logistica – ITL, Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Port of Koper, Port Authority of Thessaloniki, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH, Durrës Region, Port of Bar, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Port Authority of Šibenik).

Launched in December 2017, the project is approaching to the end: on Wednesday, November 25 2020, the final Conference will be held to share the results and outputs of three years of cooperation towards the promotion of an efficient and sustainable network of port hubs in the ADRION Region.

On the same day a workshop will take place, where representatives of the European Commission and of the Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian macro-region – EUSAIR will meet the main relevant stakeholders to discuss about the future of cooperation in the transport sector in the ADRION area and in Europe.

The events are organised online due to the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


PIXEL - Port IoT for environmental leverage


ThPA S.A. – Port of Thessaloniki, is a partner and pilot site of the project PIXEL - Where IoT meets the Port of The Future, which is financed by the H2020-EU.3.4 – SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Smart, Green and Integrated Transport framework.

The aim of the project is the two-way cooperation of ports, multimodal transport actors and cities for the mitigation of potential environmental impacts, deriving from operations. PiXEL, through modeling and simulation of Thessaloniki port procedures, as well as the integration of their potential environmental impacts on a new metric scale, namely the Port Environmental Index (PEI), provides automated optimization for the use of port resources and thus, facilitates the best integration of the port, with the adjacent city of Thessaloniki and the relevant port stakeholders.  

The consortium includes ports from three European countries, such as the port of Bordeaux (FR), the port of Monfalcone (IT) (Gorizia Intermodal Terminal - SDAG, the Monfalcone Port Special Service (ASPM) and its System Informatics Entity (INSIEL) of Friuli Venezia Giulia), while the Greek participation is completed with the port of Piraeus. Also, University institutions and major research centers, such as the Polytechnic School of the University of Valencia (ES), the Medical School of the University of Rijeka (HR), the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - CERTH (GR) and the Center for Information and Electronics of Aquitaine Technology - CATIE (FR). Finally, the development and implementation of Information Technologies, by distinguished software development companies, such as PRODEVELOP S.L. (ES), XLAB d.o.o. (SI), ORANGE (FR), CREOCEAN (FR) and iPEOPLE (GR).

Duration: May 2018 – September 2021


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◊ DataPorts - Data Platform for the Connection of Cognitive Ports


ThPA S.A. – Port of Thessaloniki, is a partner in the project DataPorts - Data Platform for the Connection of Cognitive Ports, which is co-financed by the H2020-EU.2.1.1. – INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP – Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) framework. ThPA S.A. participates as a data provider and a pilot leader in the Dataports project, participating as well in the dissemination and development of the project’s outcomes.

DataPorts aims to design, develop, create and operate a platform for the secure and reliable sharing of data and transactions among the businesses operating in the diverse supply chains involved in ports, enabling the connection with other stakeholders in the logistics supply chain. The adoption and use of this Data Platform by ThPA S.A., will imply its transition to a cognitive port, utilizing the huge amount of data produced by the stakeholders and paving the way to new capabilities; real-time monitoring of operations, prescriptive analytics, streamlined decision making and accurate prediction of future events and situations. Finally, ThPA S.A. through the DataPorts project will provide a mobile application for the professionals, visitors and citizens of the city of Thessaloniki, offering information on mobility in and around its premises.

The consortium, in addition to ThPA S.A., includes the Foundation for Research, Promotion and Commercial Studies of Valencia port (ES), which will act as the pilot sites. Also, University institutions and major research centers, such as the Polytechnic School of the University of Valencia and the Information Technology Institute - ITI (ES), the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens (GR), the University of Duisburg-Essen - Ruhr Institute for Software Technology (DE), the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH (GR) and Fraunhofer-Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST (DE). Finally, distinguished companies, such as Traxens (FR), IBM (IL), OTE S. A. (GR), Everis (ES) and PRODEVELOP S.L. (ES)

Duration: January 2020 – December 2022


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IoC - Internet of Containers


ThPA S.A. is in collaboration with the Supply Systems Management department of the International Hellenic University, for the project IoC – Internet of Containers.

The action "Cooperation and networking actions between research organizations, educational institutions and companies in priority areas of the Strategic Smart Specialization Plan of the Region", is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Program “Central Macedonia”, 2014-2020. It is part of Axis 01 and in particular, contributes to the Specific Objective 1b1: "Promotion of investments for the development of products and services in the priority areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3)".

The main goal of the project is the application of technological solutions of the Internet of Things, in real container handling procedures at port terminals. The project includes the identification, modeling and documentation of container management procedures, in order to achieve “Intelligent Visibility” by monitoring disruption events throughout the critical path of a container trip and mitigate, as well as optimize, strategies that can be deployed, using Operations time as the most relevant weighted factor during the whole process.

The results of the project are expected to enhance the safe and effective monitoring and management of containers and the reliable estimation of lay time in the port area.

Duration: October 2021 – May 2023