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  • Public registration: 27/7/2001 to 1/8/2001
  • Initial Public Offering: 27 August 2001
  • Total number of stock: 10.080.000Share entry price: 6,74 €
  • Shareholder Structure: (27-8-2001):
    75%: Greek State (7,560,000 shares)
    25%: Retail investors (2,520,000 shares), that were divided as follows:
    1. 110,970 to investors with the exchange of PRESTOCK
    2. 120,000 to a private investor at the price of 5.39€
    3. 2,289,030 exchanged with cash a the price of 6,74€
      The total value of shares disposed (excluding the 110,970 that were given in exchange to PRESTOCK), reached the sum of Drachmas. #5,477,509,295# (16,074,862.20€) The sum of commissions for the Underwriters and the Stockbroking House handling the transaction, reached the amount of #266,078,535# Drachmas (780,861.44€). The remaining expenses of the on-exchange trading are in total #26,839,798# Drachma (78,766.83€).
      The net produt following the sale of the existing stock reached the amount of. #5,184,590,962# Drachmas (15,215,233.93€), amount which was received from the Greek State.
      There were no deviations from estimations in accordance with the approved Fact Sheet.
  • Incentive for a 3-month retention from the initial public offering date (2 per ten bonus shares and up to 200 bonus shares per investor). Date of termination of the retention incentive: 26/11/2001
  • Initial public offering of bonus shares: 17/1/2002
  • New shareholder structure (17/1/2002):
    74.27%: Greek State (7,486,194 shares)
    25.73%: Retail investors (2,593,806 shares)
  • New shareholder structure (14/5/2012):
    74.27%: Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund SA (HRADF) (7,486,194 shares)
    25.73%: Retail investors (2,593,806 shares)
  • New shareholder structure (23/3/2018):
    67.00%: South Europe Gateway Thessaloniki Limited (6,753,600 shares)
    25.73%: Retail investors (2,593,806 shares)

    7.27%: Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund SA (HRADF) (732,594 shares)

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Supervisor: Apostolos Papadopoulos Almeida

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