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The project "Container Terminal Total Management System at THPA and the Electronic Communication with institutions involved", is aimed at the planning and development of technological applications that are going to improve the services provided by THPA to our clients, while targeting at its modernization and the improvement of its competitiveness. The application allows for a number of services to become accessible to the clients of THPA. It is noted that the manuscript system has been abolished since 1/12/2005.
For the accomplishment of the above targets, a series of intermediate goals are reached, that allow for the upgrading of the infrastructure and operation of the Terminal:

  • Installation and use of state-of-the-art telecommunication networks.
  • Assurance of automatic and secure monitoring of movements to and from the Terminal, both from land and sea.
  • Improvement of the space and time for receipt/delivery of containers.
  • Monitoring of the receipt/deposit at the stowage area.
  • Graphic surveillance of the position of containers. (Geographical Information System GIS).
  • Automatic completion of relevant actions.
  • Disposal of alternative communication systems.
  • Electronic submission of official documents.
  • Electronic information provided to the clients as per the position and condition of containers in the Container Terminal.

The new CONTAINER TERMINAL GATE operates automatically. Two gates will remain open in order to improve the services provided to trucks. The driver must follow the following directions:

  • Check if the container number and the size inscribed on the license agree with those inscribed on the incoming/outgoing container. In the case of an error, the corresponding correction must be applied prior to your entrance into the Container Terminal.
  • At the Container Terminal Gate, sweep your license barcode through the automatic machine and press OK.
  • Receive the ticket that will bear the parking space in which you must park your truck for the receipt/delivery of the container.
  • Upon your exit you must show your entrance ticket.
  • In case the entrance ticket bears the inscription INVERSION, you must exit the terminal immediately.
  • The System issues one ticket per truck.