Instructions for printing permits [pdf]
ATTENTION: In XML messages and the fields "Trip number" and "Stamp number", the characters which are accepted by the system are from a..z, A..Z (English) and from 1,2,3...0.
In case web forms are used, with the use of a web browser, the client enters system by inserting his code and password, which will be given to him by the port, then he creates the document by filling the appropriate electronic form and sends it to the THPA system.
Following are AVI files (Video Clips) that demonstrate how you can fill and create some electronic documents that you can send to THPA.
  • System entracne  (332 Kb)
  • Ship arrival pre-announcement (CALINF) (2.5 Mb)
  • Container loading pre-announcement (COPRAR2) (3.5 Mb)
  • Container unloading pre-announcement (COPRAR2) (2.8Mb)
  • Container storage pre-announcement) (1.7Mb)
  • Request for the transportation of a container in the customs area (COHAOR)  (1.9 Mb)

For further information please download the following zip file (2.5 Mb)


  • Is the COPRAR2 message required to be reproduced twice (2 times)? Once for the imported consignment and once for the exported consignment, or once for both categories?

    You must send 2 messages, one for the import consignment and once for the export consignment.
  • ''Primary_Agent': Which agent does the field value corresponds to, what is the field value the equivalent of?

    It is the ship agent who is "transporting" the Container.
  • ''Secondary_Agent': What does he correspond to, what is the field value equivalent?

    It is the agent who uses the Primary Agent's "line" to transport this Container.
  • ''Registration_Country': In case we do not know it, what happens? In the end, can we use the value ΧΧ?

    The value "ΧΧ" must not be used. The agent is obliged to know the «Registration_Country»..
  • ''Invoicee': What does it correspond to?

    He is the person liable for payment. The invoice will be issued in his name.
  • Are all the fields mandatory? Can any fields be left blank?

    All the fields are MANDATORY
  • What are the values of the fields 'Package_Type', 'Units', 'Cargo_Type' in case where a Container includes many, different cargoes? (i.e. pallets and carton boxes)

    In this case: a)Package_Type= Ε/Κ , b)Units= 'sum' of all the packages, c)Description: The sum of all the corresponding descriptions of all the cargoes. Note: In cases 2,3,5 the field values are code numbers of the corresponding clients of THPA S.A. Each agent-client knows his code number. 
  • How is the Message_Code formed? (Message_Code);

    A client message code is a single code that characterizes each XML message. For this reason, we suggest the following for its creation: Client code + single serial number of the entire client's XML's. Example: Example: Company A has client code 123456 and sends an XML to THPA S.A. For the first message, the message code will be: 123456000000000000000000001 For the second message the message code will be: 123456000000000000000000002
  •  YES. The supplementary COPRAR must include:

    • The same trip number
    • An updated HEADER that will include in the totals the final number of Containers that will be loaded or unloaded.
    • The new Containers in the XML's DETAILS.
    • Τhe new message must be sent prior to the ship's arrival *.
    • In the case where in the supplementary COPRAR there are common Containers with the initial XML, then the newly entered information will replace the older one.

  • What is the format of type Real fields?;

    xxxxxx,yyy meaning that the decimal symbol is "," and not ".""
  • How do we send XML messages to THPA?

    Data transmission through the Internet is achieved with the use of encoding techniques (SSL). For the communication protocol specifications, please contact 2310 593-385
  • How can one create the trip code (Vo_Code)?

    The Trip Code is a unique code that characterizes every ship arrival and departure. For this reason, we suggest its creation as follows: Α) Client code + unique, client arrival and departure number or B) Ship Line Code + unique, client arrival and departure number. In any case, the uniqueness of the trip code must be ensured both between trips by different agents and between trips of the specific naval agent who is managing the ship.
  • What characters can be used in the type STRING fields?

     All characters are acceptable (A-Z) by the system with the exclusion of:

    • Punctuation points ( , . / ? « ? : ΄' etc.) The symbols & / ^ % $ # @ ! ( ) + - ~ [ ] { } | \